Sake line-up/Course Price

Sake/Wine line-up

Matsuno-Tsukasa(松の司)Junmai-ginjo from Shiga prefecture

Mutsu-Hassen (陸奥八仙) Junmai-ginjo from Aomori prefecture

Tsukino-Katsura, Yanagi (月の桂、柳) Special Junmai from Nishijinn, Kyoto

Jurakudai (聚楽第) Junmai-ginjo from Kyoto

and many more…

Wine – Bordeaux, BourgogneChablis, and more.

Dinner/Lunch course

Starting from 8* dish course at 8,000 yen

10,000 yen (10* dish)

13,000 yen (11* dish)

15,000 yen (11* dish in different ingredients)

*number of the dish may vary slightly depending on availabilities of the ingredients

Special Value Lunch course (called “Mini-Kaiseki”)

at 5,000 yen (7* dish course) is also available

(Prices are per person, not included drinks, w/o tax, service charge)