March Menu

From the March menu – 弥生 (Yayoi) or 花見月 (Hanamizuki) – Old Japanese names for March, meaning flourish

Hassun(八寸)- Appetizer - Conger eel roll w/ burdock root inside, broad beans, rice-octopus,Urui-spring vegetable dressed with vinegar/miso.

Combined with harvests from the mountain and from the ocean, traditionally served on a square piece of cedar plate which has 8 sun (25 cm) side in length

Takiawase(炊き合わせ)- Additional appetizer - Fried trout and bamboo shoot in dashi sauce with wakame sea weed.

Saki-zuke (先付)- Appetizer for the Value lunchspecial. Firefly squid and spring vegetable with tomato source.