About Gion Nanba

Osamu Nanba, the owner chef, opened this restaurant in 2006 after his long career at Kyoto Hotel and other prestigious kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto for over 20 years.

Besides highly crafted his cooking, he has acquired mastery skills in traditional tea ceremony and Japanese floral arrangement. The true tastes of fresh ingredients were etched in his tongue as a native growing up in Setouchi region, known for the rich land and fishery. Being an artistic perfectionist as he’s been, he has long collected antique cups, dishes, vintage ceramics, tables or chairs of his taste.

At the time he found the for-rent location, all has come together for the representation at Gion Nanba, a total Kyo-Kaiseki cuisine of his ideal. And now with the trusty experienced staff.

Souschef Okada Akira

Ohnishi Kazuyo

Ohshio Tomoko

Sakagami Daisuke