April Menu

From the April menu – 卯月 (Uzuki)  – Old Japanese names for April, said to be named after blooming Deutzia.

Pics below are from Mini Kaiseki (Lunch course)

Sakizuke 先付 (Appetizer) - Red sea bream (best-kind porgy in Japan)'s soft roe (before their spring-spawning), Rice-headed octopus, and Kerria japonica

Nimono-wan 煮物椀 (cooked dish w/soup) - White fish, Bamboo shoot in an arrowroot starch soup.

Gohan 御飯 (rice) - Chirashi-sushi w/Japanese conger (eel-kind), Japanese needlefish, rapeseed, and myoga-ginger.

Shrimp, white fish, and broad bean in jelly