June Menu

From the June menu – 水無月 (Minazuki) – Old Japanese names for June. Regarding the name’s origin, opinion is divided. Some say it literally comes from a month of lucking water after the rainy season. Some argue it was named after the necessity of water for rice planting/cultivation.

Pics below are from 10,000 yen course.

Sakizuke (First appetizer) - Minazuki-tofu (Kyoto's June special sesame tofu), Yuba (Tofu skin), and Sea urchin from Hokkaido, covered with okra source.

Hamo (pike conger) in starched soup

Sashimi - White squid from Nagasaki, Hon-Maguro (bluefin tuna) and Yokowa (juvenile bluefin) from adjacent sea, Tai (red sea bream) from Seto Inland sea with shredded Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin)

Japanese sweet potate (Satsuma-imo), corn Tempra, and Octopus egg. Hamo (pike conger) and fresh Lotus root in sake source. Brasenia + Blueberry in octopus soup.

Hassun (Appetizer) - Satsuma-imo (Japanese sweet potate), octopus egg and corn-tempura. Hamo (pike conger) + fresh lotus root in sake source. Brasenia and blueberry in octopus stock.

Baked Ayu (sweet fish

Hashi-Yasume (Chopstick break) - So-men (Japanese thin noodles w. bit of sesame oil )

Takiawase (cooked vegetables) - Abalone and white aroid with arrowroot starch source

Gohan (rice) - Anago (eel), Tuna, and Kisu (Sillago japonica) suchi

Caramel mousse with mango, melon, and Kyoho (Japanese grapes) covered with wine jelly.

Japanese sweets "Ajisai (Hydrangea)" with maccha tea